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Remote Access Support for existing clients

As an existing client who has previously used one of our major services, such as a Full Service, a New Computer Setup & Transfer Service, or any other service with a fee of 150 or more, we're very pleased to offer you 12 months free Remote Access Support.

Important: If your Broadband Service Provider is TalkTalk, it is likely that this service (and all other VPN programs such as the well-known TeamViewer) will be blocked by TalkTalk's latest security feature called HomeSafe. Regrettably unless you can convince TalkTalk to unblock our software or to remove HomeSafe from your account, there is no way we can provide this service.

Please right-click on this link and then select Save Link As (although your browser may use slightly different words). If offered the choice, please save the file Im-PC-Remote.exe to your computer's Desktop.

Then right-click the downloaded file and select Run as Administrator; please deal appropriately with any warnings which might prevent this program from downloading or working properly.

If you're not already on the phone to Joyce or Robin, please call us before proceeding with the next step.

When the program has successfully started, you will see a window like the one below; please tell us the 9-digit code number displayed on your screen similar to the one shown here.