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Computer Running Very Slowly - Like Treacle!

Fee: Fixed quote provided after free assessment.

Your PC has become very, very slow; to the point that it's almost impossible to get anything done!

There can be many reasons for this, including:

  • Insufficient memory (RAM).

  • Slow, damaged, nearly full, or highly-fragmented hard disk.

  • Too many unnecessary programs loaded at start up.

  • Infestation with spyware and/or viruses (especially if you've got a broadband connection with inadequate protection).

  • Windows Registry Errors.

During our free On-site Diagnosis & Assessment visit we'll give you a jargon-free analysis of the likely causes - and the optimum solution.

In many cases the cause is an infestation of viruses, trojans, spyware and other nasties. If this is the case, then our Virus Disinfection Service will be indicated.

However it may simply be that after a long period of use, Windows has become clogged up and generally "tired" - to use a technical expression! If so our Full Service will provide the requisite "50,000 mile service" and we guarantee that your computer's performance will be as good as new, or even better!

It could also be that your computer is in need of a Hardware Upgrade, such as more memory (RAM) or a larger hard disk. However if a Full Service or the Virus Disinfection Service are indicated, any hardware upgrades will be installed at the same time at no additional fee.