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New Computer Setup & Transfer Service [SER001]

Fixed Fee: 160.00 (+15 Collection Charge, if applicable)

New Acer LaptopThis service takes all the difficulty and problems out of buying a new computer to replace your existing one. In summary, it consists of the following:

  • Assisting you with selecting a new computer and likewise with any further items of hardware you require such as a printer or scanner.

  • Undertaking the initial setup process.

  • Removing all redundant items preinstalled by the manufacturer.

  • Installing all requisite updates.

  • Optimising the computer for best performance.

  • Installing appropriate internet security defences.

  • Installing your devices (e.g. printer, scanner, camera)

  • Setting up and testing your internet connectivity.

  • Transferring all normal recoverable data from your old computer.

    • This includes documents, photos, music, videos and similar data. However it is important to understand that programs cannot be transferred: they require installation within Windows on the new computer.

    • We may agree to install any special programs currently used on your old computer, but it is essential that you tell us about them in advance.

    • Note that some older programs may not be compatible with modern computers, and so cannot be installed.

  • On-site setup, testing and basic demonstration of how to use your new computer.

  • Free support by telephone, email and remote assistance for one year following delivery. This support is intended to cover minor problems with Windows or other mainstream programs, which can typically be resolved remotely within 10 minutes. (If you are a TalkTalk customer please read the Important note on this page).

New Desktop PCOur aim is for you to begin using your new computer in an environment as similar as possible to the one you left behind with your old computer. Finally we will also undertake to destroy the data on your old hard disk beyond recovery, to protect you from possible identity theft.

The fee above is based upon a single user on the new computer; if a second, separate user account is required on the new computer, the fee would need to be increased by 30 due to the significant increase in time and effort required. However this additional fee would not apply if two user accounts on the old computer are to be merged into just one on the new computer.

Collection Charge: If you deliver both old and new computers to our address above, there will be no Collection Charge.