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Custom Built Computers [SER009]

Fixed Fee: 220.00

If your computer needs can't be met by off-the-shelf computers, we can build one to meet your special requirements. Our fee is fixed whatever the specification we agree.

This service is especially relevant to our small business clients, although serious gamers might also have very particular needs. Or you may be interested in a highly-specified media computer to watch and record multiple television programmes, and to handle media streaming for your whole household.

Businesses would also benefit from "Network Attached Storage" (NAS) computers, designed to serve as independent data storage devices for the entire cohort of business computers in your office. Often an existing older computer can be deployed in this role, which would obviate the cost of new components; sometimes we have recycled computers for sale which might well be an ideal NAS computer.

We will meet with you to determine the exact functionality that you or your business require, and we will then specify the components which are best suited to the outcomes agreed. For instance a "mission-critical" computer will benefit from twin hard disks in a mirrored "RAID" configuration; this will ensure that the computer will continue to function without interruption even if the main hard disk fails catastrophically. This form of failure protection would also apply to a media computer.

The components we would source will always be best-in-class and at the most competitive prices; and we do not make any profit or receive any commission on any purchases we make on your behalf. However we prefer to help arrange for you to purchase the components yourself as this means that all warranties are in your name. And if you're a business and are VAT-registered, then buying the items yourself is essential as we are no longer VAT-registered.

Note that this fee includes our normal New Computer Set up & Transfer service, itself priced at 160.