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Internet Connection & Broadband Service [SER005]

Fixed Fee: 90.00

If you've still not got a broadband service and would like us to shoulder all the tasks involved in signing up, this is the service for you! We'll begin by advising on the most suitable Broadband Service Provider (BSP) for your needs - and your pocket! Then we'll supervise the process to actually sign up with the BSP chosen, and once the relevant kit has been received some 7-10 days later, we'll return and set it all up for you.

However if you've already got broadband but would like to change your provider, then this service will sort it all out for you. We'll help deal with the initial migration process, and once the switch-over is completed, we'll return and set up your new broadband service, migrate your email accounts, and handle all other issues following the change.

In both situations, we'll also deal with all computers in the house which share the same broadband connection, and sort out any wireless problems which might arise.

If applicable we will also attempt (on a best efforts basis) to change the WiFi connection parameters of your SmartPhones and Tablets.

If however your problem concerns broadband faults or failure, then our On-site Diagnosis & Assessment service will be relevant. The fixed fee above does not apply in this case, as the cost of sorting out your problem will be determined during our first diagnosis visit; usually we would be able to resolve the problem within our minimum 1-hour charge of 60, but only after we have your agreement to proceed.