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Family Safety [SER025]

Fixed Fee: 60.00

There are two aspects to consider in this respect:

  • Moral, religious and similar lifestyle issues.

  • Internet Security.

Here at we make no comment on the first, and respect our clients' right to decide for themselves.

However we are very concerned about the security vulnerability which is inherent in the arena of pornographic web sites; it is virtually certain that a computer used to visit such sites will be infected with the nastiest of viruses, trojans and all manner of other malware.

What's more, if several computers on a home (or business) network share the same broadband connection, it is highly likely that the malware on the infected computer will migrate to all the other computers on the same network.

We have developed a process which forces your broadband connection, and each computer, to be channelled through a global service which prevents access to most porn sites. Regrettably the evolutionary and dynamic nature of the web means that there are no certainties, but it is likely the vast majority of porn sites will be barred.

The service can be finessed so that other categories are also included or excluded, such as gambling, drugs, weapons and so on.

The process involves modifying settings on your router, and on each computer. However some routers are "locked down" by the broadband service provider who supplied the device; if we cannot modify the router the level of protection will not be as effective.

The settings we make to individual computers should help protect them when connected through other routers - as with laptops - but again these settings on their own do not provide total protection.

For information about how to protect your children on-line, have a look at Childnet International ►