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Our Client Charter


1. No Fix - No Fee! We only charge for results.
2. We will help you to spend as little as possible.

3. What is spent must be good value for money.

4. Everything we do must be fit for purpose.

Your Local Computer
 Paramedic Service
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Other Services

This section details the other main services we provide which address a variety of different needs and requirements.

Links to the detail sub-sections are in the left and right-hand panels, but if you don't see your specific need or requirement mentioned, please do contact us anyway.

We're very experienced at devising solutions to even the most unusual requests. What's more, coming up with a proposal won't normally cost you anything!

A note about money:

Although we do have an hourly rate (50 per hour), in most cases we prefer to provide a fixed-price quote. Then if the job takes longer to resolve than we expected, its our problem and not yours! And as stated in Our Client Charter above, we will always ensure that you get good value for money. So much so that if we think that your computer or other problem is beyond economic repair or solution, we'll tell you.

We're happy to be paid by bank transfer, cheque or cash, but we do not accept credit card payments. And yes, we do have to charge VAT on all transactions, even if paid in cash.