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Backup Strategies [SER027]

Fixed Fee: 90.00

Here at we have two main mantras: internet security and data backup.

Over the years we have had to replace a very large number of hard disk due to their failure: actual or imminent. And where they have already failed, it is virtually impossible to recover the date they contained (but see our Data Recovery service before you despair!).

There are several backup strategies available to suit both your needs and your pocket. At the top end is a mirrored-raid system based upon twin hard disks operating in real-time synchronisation; hence if one fails the other takes over on-the-fly.

Then there's a Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution, based on a stand-alone network-connected hard disk device, or on a computer built especially as a NAS system.

You could also backup between computers on the same network: if necessary we'll establish network connectivity between you computers (as described in our Computer Networking service), but of course only one 90 fee would be payable if that were the case. In other words, if you combine our Computer Networking with our Backup services, the total fixed fee would be just one payment of 90 as above.

Another possibility is on-line backup, using one of the many paid-for service suppliers available today.

For most users however, a backup strategy based upon a simple external portable hard disk is likely to be the most suitable and cost-effective solution.

If you don't have any reliable backup process at the moment, we'll come and discuss your requirements and advise on the most appropriate solution. If you don't like what we propose and decline to proceed, then there's no charge (as with our On-site Diagnosis & Assessment service). Otherwise our fee as above will be payable, on top of the cost of any agreed hardware that may have to be purchased.

Finally, if you've already agreed to a Full Service or one of our other major services, we'll set up an appropriate backup process at no extra fee!