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Computer Networking [SER007]

Fixed Fee: 90.00

Today most homes and small business have broadband modem router, often with wireless capability, but many clients are unaware of the networking possibilities that this affords.

Each computer on the network can be made to share data and/or peripherals such a printers with its peers. Or you can back up data between the various computers.

If you have a computer with media streaming capabilities, such as a media centre system, then music, photos and even recorded TV programmes can be made available across the network.

If your broadband modem router does not have wireless capabilities, we can usually change it for one that does. And if your property is too large, or has old, thick, solid walls that mean your wireless connectivity is badly degraded or even compromised, we can set up an ulltra-modem power line networking (PLN) service which could well overcome all these issues.

Networked computers could also be used for mutual backup, as described in our Backup Strategies service; but of course only one 90 fee would be payable if that were the case. In other words, if you combine our Computer Networking with our Backup services, the total fixed fee would be just one payment of 90 as above.

Do call us if you're interested in this service: we'll come and talk to you to discuss the possibilities, and if you decide against proceeding, there will be no charge for our visit (see On-site Diagnosis & Assessment).