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Photographic Services [SER030]

Fee: Fixed quote provided after free assessment.

We can help in several areas to do with photographs:

  • Scanning: we can scan your old prints, 35mm negatives or 35mm slides and create high-quality digital image files for you to use on your computer.

  • Retouching: we can rescue damaged images, or those which are compromised with intrusive or unwanted objects, people or pets. We use high-quality software in our "Digital Darkroom" and can deploy a vast array of tools, techniques and tricks to help transform a photograph into a picture.

  • Slide shows: we can produce a CD or DVD slide show, with music of your choice if you wish, to display a series of your favourite photos; for instance at a wedding, celebration or party. Each image can be captioned, and the image files on the disk can include high-quality versions for printing on the user's own computer.

This pair of photos show one of Robin's ancestors; the scan of the original (very old, dirty and water-damaged) print on the left shows the poor quality of the result, while the post-processed version on the right is far more acceptable.

The original: dirty and water-damaged

After retouching

The pair of photos below show a fairly unexciting original digital image on the left; however with careful and expert handling in our Digital Darkroom the full available detail contained within the original digital image has been brought out clearly on the right.

The original: bland, flat image missing detail and colour

After retouching using only digital data within the image

Here we're using a sophisticated specialist program used for improving people's faces. Notice how the freckles have disappeared and the skin tone has been enhanced. To see a larger version of both images in a new browser window, click here ►