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1. No Fix - No Fee! We only charge for results.
2. We will help you to spend as little as possible.

3. What is spent must be good value for money.

4. Everything we do must be fit for purpose.

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Robin Beck

I first learnt about computers on the 3rd January 1971, when I turned up to attend my first programming course at the London training centre of ICL (International Computers Ltd), at the time by far the largest British computer manufacturer, and one of the largest in the world too.

That's some 40 years ago, and I have been involved with computers directly and indirectly ever since. Having started with mainframe computers, I was an early adopter of personal computers, and owned one of the first micro computers: a Sinclair ZX80. In the early 80s I graduated to the then original IBM PC, and have specialised in its successors ever since.

In 1988 I left full-time employment and set up as a self-employed Management and Computer Consultant. I worked on assignments for a number of major companies, including many FTSE 100 and global corporations. My clients were generally based in the UK, Europe and North America.

In 2002 I married Joyce, having been a widower since 1993, and moved into her home in Piddington, a village 5 miles South-East of Northampton. The idea for was born on the day following our wedding, and I immediately set about planning and establishing Ltd.

We're completely rebuilding our web site and haven't quite completed this page yet. However we're adding further pages almost daily, so it won't be long before the whole site is complete.

Thanks for your understanding.

Joyce Beck

I graduated from Aberystwyth University with a B.Sc. in Computers & Statistics.