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Our Client Charter


1. No Fix - No Fee! We only charge for results.
2. We will help you to spend as little as possible.

3. What is spent must be good value for money.

4. Everything we do must be fit for purpose.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Our Duty

We are conscious of our duty to do what we can to minimise Coronavirus (COVID-19) transmission risks.

What we are doing

  • Until the restrictions on non-essential travel are withdrawn, we will not be visiting clients' premises.
  • If we can help existing clients by using our remote assistance service then will will do so. Otherwise we will try to talk you through to a solution, but this may prove both frustrating and ultimately unsuccessful.
  • Provided neither of us develops Covid-19 symptoms, we may invite you to deliver your computer to us, and if you decide to do so, we will exercise a strict handover protocol:
    • The delivery date and time must be agreed in advance.
    • You will be asked to deposit your computer outside our front door, press the bell and then stand back at least three paces.
    • We will open the door, collect the computer, and talk about the problem if applicable.
  • Once we have dealt with your computer as above, the reverse protocols will then applied for collection by you.
  • All computers are cleaned as soon as they arrive, using isopropyl alcohol to carefully clean the computer itself as well as any additional components.
  • This deep cleaning will be repeated prior to collection.

What you can do