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1. No Fix - No Fee! We only charge for results.
2. We will help you to spend as little as possible.

3. What is spent must be good value for money.

4. Everything we do must be fit for purpose.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Our Duty

We are conscious of our duty to do what we can to minimise Coronavirus (COVID-19) transmission risks.

What we are doing

  • All computers are cleaned as soon as they arrive  whether delivered by clients, or collected by Robin.
  • We will be using isopropyl alcohol to carefully clean keyboards, switches, plugs and any other touchable surfaces.
  • We will wash our hands immediately after.
  • We will wash our hands, then clean all computers in the same way before they are handed over to you.
  • Robin will ask to wash his hands as soon as he arrives for an appointment (please remind him if he forgets!).
  • Outside of work, we will not be attending any public events or visiting any pubs or restaurants.
  • We are both washing our hands when we return home after having been out anywhere.
  • If either of us develops symptoms, we will both self-isolate, and inform all those with whom we have been in contact during the preceding two weeks.

What you can do

  • Please do not ask us to visit (and do not visit us) if you, anyone who lives with you, or anyone with whom you have been in recent contact, has symptoms consistent with Coronavirus.
  • The World Health Organisation (WHO) has published very clear advice at Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public (clickable link to their site).